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Your digital ad is displayed for 8 seconds on the sign and then repeats itself after a predetermined interval. You can change your ad as often as you like or run multiple ads.

We offer three different advertising packages to meet any advertising budget. The more frequent your ad repeats (number of impressions), the greater the cost.

All contracts are month-to-month. Want exclusivity? Sign up for an annual contract and your business will be the only one in that category.

Create your own ad or use our production resources for free. We start with your images, logos, and existing content. Once you approve the ad, it can be up and running in minutes.



Message: Your message should be 10 – 12 words or less, with no more than 5 – 6 words in the headline.  Your message is the most important part of the design. It can be a phrase, a call to action, or a tagline that catches your potential customers attention and moves them to action. Use short words. Details, such as phone number, website, and location are important, but, use as few as possible.

Fonts: THINK BIG AND BOLD! Don’t use thin fonts or script fonts. The strokes of the characters of these fonts are too thin to be seen from any distance. Use heavy, bold, LARGE fonts to maximize readability. The bold option is an excellent way to add weight and emphasis to your wording.

Colors: High color contrast is a key ingredient. Just like using large text, the right color combination can make your message readable from a much longer distance.

Images: Choose an image that generates the strongest emotion related to your product or service. An image of people having a fun time will get more attention from viewers than just a picture of your product. The viewer will be more stimulated by the feel and experience of the what the image portrays.  Your logo or business name should be very readable on the sign.

File: The image file must scale to 560 width x 160 height. Acceptable file types include JPEG, BMP, and PNG less than 1 Meg in size.


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